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Raw Milk and Your Freedom

Several years ago, my family and I started buying raw milk products from two menonite farmer in PA, though it takes us over an hour to drive to them. The PA Department of Agricultural (PDA) has attacked the one farmer claiming it his milk was tainted with “e-coli”.  When a second test was run on the milk, 10 days after it was taken from the farm, the “e-coli” was supposedly higher.  The PDA took over $20,000 worth of raw milk and raw milk products.  This to me as stealing their livelyhood.

The problem for the PDA is many, like my family drink of the same milk (8 gallons) and 2 lbs of cheese from the same batch of milk. We drank it over the 2 weeks that the PDA did their testing so one would expect we would have been sick too.

Nope, the truth is the PDA is after this one farmer became he turned in his permit to make raw milk products, citing the consitutions of America and Pennsylvannia.  You see, both documents state that any law created that infringes on the right of people to do business is legal.  Thats right! Most of the “permits” we “have to get” are illegal and violate your rights.  Its time for American’s to know the constitution again and start holding our state and federal representatives to what it says, period!

If the PDA can come take a farmer’s milk and cheese, publish a false statement about the farmer and when its proven wrong, give NO resitution, they can do it to you and I too.  The only question becomes when and why will they do it.  You see, the big dairy don’t want the small independant farmers to succeed.

How did we even get into this?

My daughter, diagnosed with Celiac’s disease could not eat/drink the standard milk and cheeses at  our local healthfood stores, though these products were “organic”.  She can eat raw milk products, especailly from grass fed sources without any issues.

Pasteurization and homogenization processes were created to add shelf life to products, not make them more healthy.  In the 1930s in-town dairies were located right beside the local distillery and they fed the cows the sludge from making beer. This poor diet and the unsanitary conditions in this in-town dairies is why we have these processes. To clean up milk from wicked producers.

Cows are designed to eat grass, not grain, and especially not the barley and malt swill from a brewery.

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